1).  What do I do if I am missing a piece (cord, battery, etc…)?

No problem at all!  Just email us via our Contact page and we will reach out to get a replacement sent right away!


2).  What do I do if my battery doesn’t work or my blanket doesn’t turn on?

Our items are carefully inspected prior to shipment, but damages do happen.  Our apologies that something is not working as it should and that you are experiencing difficulty getting your blanket working.  Please contact us at customerservice@myheatwave.com and we will get you a replacement item shipped right away!


3).  Why is the power button on my blanket flashing when I turn the power on? 

Not to worry, that’s just the blanket powering up and starting to pre-heat.  Once the flashing stops adjust the temperature to your preferred setting, High (Red), Medium (Blue) and Low (Green) and enjoy!  The blanket takes only 2-3 minutes to preheat.


4). Why has my blanket stopped working?

The blanket will stop working if the battery charge is 0% or if the battery has disconnected with the blanket.  Please check your connection and charge your battery fully (100%) to see if that solves the problem.  If it doesn’t, send our team an email customerservice@myheatwave.com and we will contact you to resolve it.


5). Can I wash my blanket?

Yes you can, however Electric blankets are not suitable for washing frequently and can NEVER be washed with the battery attached.   If washing, it needs to be in COLD water only, hand wash or gentle cycle only.  Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.  Air dry only.  Do not iron.  Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals.


6). Can I charge my smart phone with the battery pack?

Yes you can, there is a USB port on the battery.  The battery is a power bank.


7). How long will my battery charge last?

That really depends on what temperature you use your blanket at and if you are using any of the other features that the battery offers (USB charge for smart phone). The battery can last anywhere between 1-3 hrs if fully charged.


8). My blanket gets warm, not hot. Is there a way to make it hotter?

The My Heatwave blanket provides a consistent layer of warmth, anytime, anywhere. It is not intended to be a primary heat source and will not provide the same level of heat that a fully powered electric blanket will. When used properly, this blanket will take the chill off and provide a steady low comfortable heat.


9). If I want to use my blanket while it is plugged into a standard wall outlet, can I?

Yes, we have a wall charger adapter (sold seperately) that allows you to use your blanket while plugged in.